Kit process for managers

  1. Buy club kit through the official club shop (NOT the main Pendle website) SEE BUTTON AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.

(NB: our prices are the same as the main site with no mark-up; however we need orders to go through the club shop so that we are able to claim our annual rebate to use towards our equipment spend!)

  1. Follow the website instructions to “build” your order – you will need your sponsor logo/artwork to upload.
  1. Club discount will not be applied until you get to the final basket so go through to that point to see the final cost.
  1. Select “place order” – this will send the order to Pendle but no money is required at this stage – however it means you know the likely cost and can get your sponsor to send money to the club in the meantime.
  1. Pendle will send you a “confirmation link” which is your opportunity to check all details – printing, artwork, shirt numbers, badges, etc – be sure you are happy with all the details.
  1. If there are some things that need changing, input that into the relevant fields once you get the confirmation link – this may take a couple of times back/forth.
  1. Once you are happy with all of the printing/customisation, you come to the point of payment.
  1. At this stage you will see the following option: “if sponsor is paying, please enter the email address here” – at this point enter the following email address and NOT your sponsor:
  1. That will send an invoice directly to the club which will be paid assuming the money from the sponsor has already been received.
  1. Whilst all the above is being worked through, please ensure your sponsor is transferring funds to the club in the meantime. 
  1. Payments as follows:-
    • Name: Guiseley Junior FC
    • Sort code: 20-48-42
    • Account: 90358185
    • Reference (example): U11 Whites Kit 21-22
  1. Once the money is in the club account, and you have confirmed the order including putting the email address in the payment stage (per step 8), then the order will be paid by the club.

Note: If there are items not available on the club shop that you think would be good to include, please contact our Treasurer via email (