Yellows v Leeds Maccabi Jets

Yellows v Leeds Maccabi Jets

Into December now and after a couple of weeks without a game the Yellows were back in action against Leeds Maccabi – A match of four quarters, in a change from the norm.

Maccabi requested a 6-a-side game which I agreed to test for the first quarter. This gave us a starting line-up of Harvey in goals, Oliver, Daniel in defence, Charlie and Niall in midfield and Lennon in his favourite striking role.

Unfortunately, the effects of recent illness hadn’t fully left Charlie, and after just a few minutes of play (with the windchill factor surely providing a temperature of a maximum of -25 degrees) he was forced to leave the pitch drip white (even more than normal!) and with full on shivers.

The game started well for Yellows and though our positional sense was all over the shop for a while, we got stuck in and bagged a few nice goals. Charlie’s last contribution was a lovely pass for Niall’s first goal.

Max came on for Charlie and took his place in the right of midfield, with instructions to provide Niall with the same support that Charlie does on a weekly basis. This he did, and benefited to the tune of two well taken goals – well done Max, great support play today.

The game was very scrappy in the first half, this led to me changing the overcrowded numbers back to 5-a-side. The result, a second half much more in keeping with our usual style and standards. Oliver was his usual rock-like self at the back, but now an ever improving footballer with his head up looking for passes out of defence. Lennon bagged another well taken hat-trick, with some great assists from Niall, who got himself a four-bagger full of great finishes. Niall was once again the game changer, taking us from almost parity to a position of comfort within a few fleet-footed minutes.

Special coaches mention to Lennon, from both myself and Jim; we were both amazed at his decision and quick-mindedness to roll a free-kick across the area when faced with a wall of bodies in front of him. It was a shame a goal didn’t result, but from a position where every goal hungry number 9 (and he is just that!) would be blasting at goal, his own idea to square it, was brilliant.

And so we have it…The goal of the game came from Joe and what a goal it was. I have the feeling we will all hear about this for a long time to come….

The crowd, with a sharp intake of breath, rose expectantly as Joe took the ball round a tackle and sprinted towards goal….pulses soared as he unleashed a fizzing drive from the edge of the area that whistled into the far top corner of the net; the net bulged and strained against the power of the strike which had the crowd dancing deleriously as his teamates mobbed him. As the ball, beaten black and blue, settled quietly into the back of the net, there were audible muddy thuds as passing birds fell from the skies as they forgot to flap and clapped the goal instead…ahem.

That sound OK to you Joe? A Happy Birthday write-up from the Coach!

Last game before Christmas is next week at home to Burley. I think they have requested an 11 o’Clock kick-off – I will confirm this on Wednesday. This Wednesday will be last training session before Christmas also.

Well done boys!


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Man Of the Match – Max B

Did everything that was asked of him today, with good energy. He took his two goals well.




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Week ending Sunday 9th December

Player of the Week – Niall H

Excellent training performance over two weeks and another great game today.




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