Whites U7s v Leeds Maccabi Raiders (3/3/13)

Whites U7s v Leeds Maccabi Raiders (3/3/13)

The Whites third encounter against Maccabi brought a new challenge, the Whites playing 5 against Maccabi’s 6 player.

The game started with the Whites quickly taking the lead with goals from Archie & Sam. Even though Maccabi had a player extra the Whites showed great teamwork to keep the ball for long periods of time.

The second quarter began the same way as the first with Gene scoring a quick double. Liam added a goal, before Gene completed a fine first half hat-trick. Jack gave a great performance in goal by keeping a clean sheet.

The third quarter started, the Gene show continued. He scored his 4th & 5th goals of the game, but the fifth was the goal of the day when he chipped the goalkeeper. The raiders eventually got forward to get a goal back.

In the fourth quarter Thomas was freed from his defensive duties to score a quick goal. With the Whites shooting at will, i was proud of the boys showing great teamwork & skill. Another goal from Thomas & an OG completed the scoring for the Whites, before the Raiders scored with the final kick of the game.

The Whites where given a new challenge and they came through with full marks, well done.

Man Of The Match:- Gene
Fantastic skill in front of goal

Trainer Of The Week:- Patrick

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