Fluids – how important are they for footballers?

Fluids – how important are they for footballers?


During physical exercise the body loses a lot of fluid in the form of sweating which needs to be replaced to stop you getting tired quickly. This also speeds up the body’s recovery process – meaning your child will feel fitter and sharper quicker, the sooner they can take on board these fluids.

At junior level, you are allowed to rehydrate as often as necessary to facilitate this, so don’t be afraid to ask your manager or referee to allow some fluid during the game.

Some simple pointers will help players, young and old!

[accordion title=”What’s best to drink?“] For footballers, the best fluid to drink is a diluted carbohydrate/electrolyte solution. Basically, stuff like Isostar, Lucozade Sport and Gatorade.

Yeah, it’s quite expensive. To save money and create a drink with very similar properties, you can simply use a weak cordial solution with water and a small pinch of salt (Yes, salt is also very important in a small dose!)

[accordion title=”When should I drink?“] Ideally, it’s best to drink before, during and after a training session, as well as drinking frequently during a match.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”How much should I drink?“] Only a little – but often. If you drink too much too quickly, you run the risk of getting a stomach upset. Keep your eye on professional footballers and note how they fire a load of fluid into their mouth but more often than not the spit most of it back out![/accordion]
[accordion title=”Thirsty? Gasping for a drink?“] Being thirsty is an unreliable indicator of when you need to have a drink. If you’re thirsty, you’re actually already partly dehydrated so if you finish a training session and you’re gasping it’s a giveaway you haven’t taken enough fluid on board.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”The ‘Pee Test‘”] If your urine is dark coloured, it means you need to have a drink. Lots of trips to the toilet, producing lots of clear coloured urine, shows you’ve taken on enough fluid.[/accordion]


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