U12 Glen Juniors 4-1 Guiseley Yellow

U12 Glen Juniors 4-1 Guiseley Yellow

A very disappointing game today against 10 men of Glen Juniors.

We didn’t really get going, not enough fighting for the ball, pulling out of challenges, but mainly,holding onto the ball too long, not passing the ball and keeping possession.

For me as a coach and manager it is nice to win, but it’s not the end game. It is to develop players, see them learn and apply what we have been doing in training. Today we didn’t do that as a team. Maybe I’m doing things wrong?

It’s not all doom and gloom, there were very nice play in parts and some players did listen, Luke S in goal was terrific, position wise, coming for the ball, communication. Great Luke S, keep it up.

Arjan, great at getting first to the ball, and a tough player, great.

Jake, doing the simple things and doing them right, good stuff Jake.

Jamie, scored a real cracker with his head, getting his body shape right to place it past the keeper, missed a couple of chances but kept his head up, excellent Jamie.

Sam J, a player who has fought his way back into the team, has real belief in himself at the moment, fighting for the ball, a real team player. I’m personally really impressed and delighted for you Sam, you have an excellent attitude in training and matchday, keep it up Sam.

Lets move on and work well as a team, it’s now how we respond to this performance, how we change the way we play during the game to cope with the opposition.

Please have belief in yourselves, individually, we have some very good players. I would really like us to be a very good TEAM, working hard for each other, winning, drawing and if we must lose, doing so as a team, taking responsibility.

Team: Luke S, Robert, Arjan, Jake, Declan, Alex, Tom, Jamie, Fred, Ethan, Finlay, Stephen, Sam.

Goal: Jamie

Man of the Match: Sam J, battling for everything, helping out at the back, challenging and determination. Well done.

Thank you to Jonny for running the line, and as always to Bill, level headed and wise!

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  1. Chris October 29, 2012 at 3:16 pm - Reply

    View from the East stand

    Occasionally, everyone has a bad day at the office. Yesterday was Guiseley Yellows’ bad day.

    Glen Juniors were a very strong, physical side, but were also blessed with a high amount of talent. That strength intimidated the Guiseley team in the first half, and whilst there were glimpses of how good this team are, they were few and far between. Half time, 1-0 down, and very lucky to be that close.

    Second half started in much the same way, and poor positioning from some of the players put Guiseley under pressure, and a foul gave Glen Juniors a goal from a free kick. 2-0

    At this point, something changed in the Guiseley team and they remembered how to spread the ball and play together, and the goal was absolutely Premier League from Jamie, with excellent work from Finley and Stephen in build up. This seemed to spur Guiseley on again, but a couple of very dubious offside calls seemed to take the wind out of the team’s sails, and again, we played it in defence, and poorly so. Another free kick, another goal. 3-0 Nothing learnt as then yet another free kick, another goal. 4-0.

    Approx half a dozen shots on goal that either just went wide or were parried by a very good keeper told a story for Guiseley. Had they gone in, a totally different story, but they didn’t!

    Some good individual performances, but all the lads can probably recognise their own improvements for next week.

    We’re still a very good team, but we need to be stronger on the ball, stop tackling each other, make space, talk to each other and keep our discipline.

    Nothing for Bill and Mark to worry about long term, line under it, move on, and bring on Wrenthorpe!

    A bad day at the office. Nothing more.

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