Season 2019-20

Season 2019-20


Just wanted to bring to your attantion a few changes for this coming season. I spoke to all the boys at training on Tuesday about them:-

We currently have 19 players registered for this season. For each game we have the option of selecting 16 players (11 players to start and 5 subs). However only 3 of the subs can come on the pitch during the game now that we are Under 17 age group.

I asked all the players at training on Tuesday whether they wanted me to select 16 players each game but we can only play 14 or to select 14 players so all players that attend will play. They unanimously decided for me to select 14 players each game.

I will keep a spreadsheet to ensure game time for all players is as fair as possible.


There is a new rule for junior football for this season enforced by the FA. For any player showing dissent to an official they can be sent to a “Sin Bin” for a period of 10 minutes. During that 10 minute period they cannot be replaced on the field of play.



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