Parents thoughts and comments

Parents thoughts and comments

parent-feedbackAs the season draws to a close and summer tournaments beckon, would be nice to have a selection of your thoughts  on certain matches, players, goals, misses, weather etc to put with the match reports for end of season review.

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  1. Simon Newlove April 21, 2013 at 8:30 pm - Reply

    Well Done to all the boys and Craig, after a long, hard and at sometimes freezing cold season you deservedly won the league in the sunshine on Saturday morning with another good team effort.

    This is the result of three years of hard work, continued improvement and many disappointments in the close games.

    Enjoy it boys and come back next year ready to continue developing and improving your football skills.

  2. Richard April 11, 2013 at 10:08 am - Reply

    Jim – that was poetry perhaps you can do the next match report!

  3. Jim April 10, 2013 at 11:19 pm - Reply

    War and Peace – continued
    Well, where do I begin? From the start of the season the confidence of the boys has grown and grown, helped somewhat by that nifty habit of winning some football matches. I don’t think anyone’s ability was ever in doubt, but previously we always seemed to play well only in short bursts. However, we often let soft goals in without finishing our own positive work off. We ended up losing games we should have won.

    This year, even when a goal or two down, we seemed to realise that the goals would come if we kept playing our own brand of football. The belief in themselves, each other and the team as a whole is now there. At times we have been so good to watch I have felt like selling tickets: Sunday morning’s game against Eldwick was similar to Barcelona vs. Mallorca on Saturday night, such was the dominance and total football on display in the first half.

    All good teams have a strong spine; I think ours is pivotal to the team. Craig’s decision to move Dan into central midfield has paid dividends, not only is he a true box-to-box player, but his positive encouragement to his team mates is a joy to hear. His central midfield partner, Joel, is also fantastic at breaking up attacks and getting that vital scoring touch in (and out of) the box.

    This season, Bolan is a different player entirely, the confidence/cheek/pace/goal scoring has always been there, now he seems to have a greater understanding of the effort and work required to be a true team player, and this in turn seems to have brought even more goals! Next year he may even score with a header!

    The defence has been outstanding all season, but particular mention must go to Luke, who has taken on the burden of being the last line of defence and used it to really push on. Many fantastic saves, but the sliding block in the first top of the table clash against Baildon really sticks in my mind as a great piece of awareness and goalkeeping. He can really kick it far now too!
    Mr consistent, Dylan, always seems to be in the right place at the right time, sometimes it’s his positioning, often it’s because he has the best engine on our team, and like a Duracell he just keeps going, popping up with great goals as well as great tackles.
    Max is becoming a true English/Great British (definitely not Scottish) central defender, reading the game superbly and making sure he either gets the tackle in, or steers the attacker away from the danger area, using his physique well (within the laws of the game). Mr versatile, Matthew, is at home either in defence or on the wing, robust challenges or silky skills and a fierce shot striking fear into the hearts of opponents!

    Another Mr versatile is Tom, he puts his all into every game he plays, whether he is a striker, winger or defender, and has come up with some important goals and assists this season. On the left wing Oliver Meskill is maturing into a classy player, his pace and tricks get him into great positions, and he has scored some superb goals with his magic left foot wand. He is also another player with the legs to get back and defend when required. Callum has also had his best season for Guiseley, scoring some incredible goals and showing awesome acceleration and balance to beat his markers, but the desire to also track back when required to do so.

    Finally I get to my son Oliver (assuming I’ve not forgotten a team member). Forgive me, I am biased, but he has started to show what he can really do, adding strength and aggression to his armoury of tricks. Mesmerising at times, yet frustrating at others, but still unbeaten in any match he has played in this season! He makes me very proud, as do the whole team.

    I think this year is just rewards for all the hard work Craig and the boys have put in over the past few years, long may it continue. Maybe some of those coaching drills actually got through to them (but I’m pretty sure they weren’t listening)! Thanks again to Craig and Simon, all the boys and most importantly the parents/guardians who turn out in all weathers to help Craig set up the pitch or just even transport the boys! Keep smiling; keep enjoying the football and the friendships you have made.

    • Craig Hoos April 11, 2013 at 8:30 am - Reply

      Jim, where did Little Oliver learn all those skills ? def not from me ! A great team summary although I would add that they do not listen in training ! Friday night can be a disaster zone with them, but then they wake up Sunday morning and wow, I think they pretend not to know what to do in training to wind us up. Hopefully we can keep them all together and happy and enjoy some more good years together.

  4. Richard April 10, 2013 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    Last season was very much a learning curve for Luke and I wasn’t all that confident Craig could make a goalkeeper out of him. But he settled in well and I saw some good glimpses of potential within. This season I am pleased with the way he has handled his responsibilities and and am proud of the performances and good saves he has made. But what pleases me more when watching the games is the general teamwork ethic; ALL the lads work for each other and really put everything into every game. They all know each others key strengths and abilities and this is evident from the way they play. For me the Baildon games were pivotal and Luke knew the importance of the games without me uttering one word – this seemed to be a common theme throughout the team because we were excellent against them particularly the final game (2-1 win!). The lads handled the pressure much better than I did, I was a nervous wreck in the build up to these games!

    The lads must be doing something right because Luke’s Mum is at every match now and she hates football!

    • Craig Hoos April 10, 2013 at 2:32 pm - Reply

      Ive not made Luke a goalkeeper, all Ive done is give him the confidence and share a few tips. He has done all the work and improved so much. Well done Luke!

  5. Simon April 10, 2013 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    It’s been very enjoyable to watch the boys this season, they have all made great strides. The biggest improvement for me has been in the team play, the majority (not all) the time the boys seem to pick the right option and are learning it is not just a case of who scores the goals. I personally always look for who has set the goal up, this doesn’t mean it is not important to have a goalscorer because it is and ours has improved enormously this season (Well done Bolan) however nothing can be achieved without a full team effort. I have also noticed an increased desire from the team as well, last season we seemed to be bullied by teams but this year we haven’t let this happen and have won games we would have lost in previous seasons. This was never more evident than in the Baildon 3rd game, after the disappointment shown by some from their first defeat (my tearful son on his birthday for example) they were determined not to feel the same way again and I think we’d all agree that that game was a tremendous advert for U10s football. I don’t think I have seen our midfield dominated in any game this season, Dan and Joel have been excellent in there. The defenders always give everything and the low number of goals conceded bears this out. Luke has grown in stature through the season and takes command of his area like he never did before, when the defence has been breached he can always been relied upon to save the day, my highlight of the season (as I missed Joels free kick at Sutton) was the save he made at 0-0 against Baildon, this set the foundation for the win and the rest is as they say history. Well done to Craig for guiding the boys in a positive footballing direction and congratulations to all the boys for their success this year, if we keep improving and playing in the same style we will have a good team for many years to come.

  6. Craig Hoos April 10, 2013 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    I am sure you will all agree that the boys have all enjoyed and improved this season. They have brought their ability to each game and shown they can dig in when needed. A few games have shown that, we would probably of not come back from 3-1 down against Sutton, second game of the season to win 4-3. Bouncing back from loosing to Baildon to win the week after against the same team. Overcoming our nemesis in Leeds Maccabi twice, bearing in mind they went unbeaten all last season. All the boys deserve credit, but I am going to pick on a couple , Bolan has amazed me this year, I knew he was a natural goal scorer, but now he has as many assists as goals this season with his great holding play upfront. Luke has grown into a competent and confident keeper, not just somebody who wants to play in goal and Max the quiet lad at the back who never lets you down, except when given the chance to score !! I am looking forward to the summer tournaments, we have nothing to prove and can go and play with confidence and have some fun. Must mention to finish, massive thanks to Jim and Simon for coaching and matchday help, Neil for refereeing, Richard for his great match reports and all the parents for supporting the boys and supporting me in what I have tried to do with the boys this year.

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