Match Report Guiseley Whites U8 v Burley

Match Report Guiseley Whites U8 v Burley

Venue: Meadow Stadium

Attendance: 120,000

Score: Confidential

Referee: Graham Clattenburg

Epic! The only word that can be used to describe this football match. If there has ever been a more epic game than this one I would love to see it. Forget your Arsenal V Spurs 8 goal thrillers or Liverpool coming back from 3 down at half time in the Champions league Final to beat Milan, this game had it all and takes the biscuit. Absolute corker from start to finish.

There were 225 goals, loads of fantastic saves and the ball hit the woodwork 47 times. The 120,000 in the crowd will remember this one for as long as they live. And for those with poor memories because of too much alcohol over the years, you can always come back here and read about it Billy.

Guiseley started the game well with some fantastic passing and sharp interplay. For the first time at Meadow Stadium seven a side was played. It made for a game where the players did not get much time on the ball and space was at a premium. Sam M had the first significant shot of the game, after a superb run down the right by Sam B and subsequent pass, Sam M found himself with the ball at his feet with time and space about 6 yards out. He composed himself, planted his left foot and smashed a shot towards the left hand side of the goal. The Burley keeper dived to his right to try and stop it but the power on the shot meant that the ball passed him before he could get to it. Unfortunately for Guiseley the ball cannoned against the upright. More unfortunately for the Burley keeper, it rebounded off the inside of the left upright and smashed into his nose. Ouch! He was down for 5 minutes but I am pleased to report that he brushed himself down and was able to continue with the game.

Guiseley spent the opening ten minutes of the game trying to break down a very strong Burley defence with Sam B, Sam M, Sam F and Callum all asking questions of the Burley defence. However, it was Burley who broke the dead lock on the 10 minute mark. The Burley centre forward found himself running through on the Guiseley goal with only Jacob to beat. As he bore down on goal Jacob closed him down to narrow the angle. The centre forward let his shot go early but Jacob reacted instinctively to produce the greatest one on one save ever! Unfortunately after another great block by Ollie and Henry P a Burley player reacted to the lose ball and was able to squeeze the ball into the Guiseley goal.

For the rest of the half the Guiseley boys were under pressure with Burley causing them alsorts of trouble all over the pitch. Despite some more fantastic saves from Jacob, Burley scored more goals with a late reply from Guiseley before the half was up.

As the ref blew the whistle to signal the end of the first half, the Guiseley boys trudged off the pitch towards their manager for the half time team talk. The manager did not look pleased and began his analysis of the first half. There was some hair dryer treatment, a few coffee mugs were thrown and there are unconfirmed reports involving an incident where the manager is alleged to have kicked a stray boot that went flying ten metres before hitting Ollie H on the forehead. Todays tabloids show pictures of Ollie walking down Yeadon High Street with his hair pinned back and a gash down his forehead.

The boys were quiet after the dressing down and seemed aware that they had not produced the level of performance expected of them and the level that they normally produce week in week out. They promised to give the manager more effort in the second half and not to let themselves down. So, after Jacob had finished telling everyone about his outstanding saves from the first half, the boys went out for the second half with some fire in their belly.

Within 2 minutes of the restart it was evident that the boys were delivering on their promise. They were snapping into tackles, closing the opposition down and picking up all the second balls and 50/50’s. Their passing got back to the way it was for the first five minutes of the first half and they got their reward with some fantastic goals.

Harry M was producing his trademark runs twisting and turning as he wriggled through the resistant Burley defence. He was duly rewarded for his mazy runs as he bagged his 300th and 301st goals of the season. Not bad!

Sam B was demonstrating his full bag of tricks down the Guiseley right as he dazzled the enthrawled crowd of 120,000 with silky step overs, fancy flicks and tantalizing turns. Tremendous to watch!

Interesting Fact: Sam B has never missed a penalty in his entire career. His penalty on Sunday, a beautiful finish low to the keepers left, was his 127th successful spot kick in a row.

Ollie H and Henry P were stalwart figures at the back for Guiseley and the two boys, who were hand made from wrought iron, broke down the Burley attacks time and time again with robust challenges, setting up a string of attacks for Guiseley. The three Sams in the middle of the park were outstanding, working tirelessly up and down the park, they showed superb vision with some superb through balls. Callum adopted a position on the left hand side for Guiseley. He set up a number of attacks and it was a pleasure just to see him in the recently cut grass. Opta Football show he covered 11.3 miles for Guiseley in the second half. Awesome.

The 120,000 crowd, which included Guiseley Whites U8 owner Billy McCauley, went home feeling thoroughly entertained.

Hey Big Spender: The Guiseley Whites billionaire owner Billy McCauley will only buy Morrisons own brand baked beans and was recently spotted in Yeadon Morrisons jumping up and down enthusiastically, shouting, “The Buckfast is on 2 for 1 Helen, 2 for 1!” He bought 2.

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