Match Report 30th Sept

Match Report 30th Sept

Opponents: Thackley Thunder

Venue: Meadow Stadium

Attendance: 44,327

Referee: Pierluigi Bentley Collina

Kick Off: 10am

Score: Classified

Team: Jacob, Henry, Ollie, Sam B,Sam M, Harry M and Callum


The new ground has been built and today was the first time for all the fans, players and parents to see what all the fuss has been about. With it’s out of town location it was a little further for everyone to get to (words were muttered by someone in my car along the lines of “why are we playing in Menston when we are called Guiseley?”

However, once the long journey out of town had been made, everyone was delighted to see the new car park. It has made parking much easier! The purpose built car park at the front of the stadium means that there will be no more parking on the grass verge and pulling in the wing mirrors in the fear that some boy racer might clip the motor.

So far so good then. Until the walk from the car park to the new pitch……. Horror! On viewing the new pitch at Meadow Stadium it became clear where the ground got its name. The two goals at either end of the pitch could be seen, but what was that between the two goals swaying in the wind. Surely, it couldn’t be the grass could it? It chuffing well was! To everone’s dismay,  the walk towards the pitch revealed that the grass was very very long and very thick. Almost as long and thick as  Billy’s hair in the 90’s.

After the conversations about the length of the grass died down the terrace talk turned to the new signing, Henry P. The fans had heard he was a strong defender who was fearless in the tackle and took no prisoners. They could not wait to see the qualities the new boy would possess. As kick off time approached there was no sign of the new boy. Que the rumours. It started to circulate that he had been seen out the night before eating Haribo’s and drinking Coca Cola until all hours. People were getting nervous as to whether he would turn up or not and if he did what sort of state would he be in. Then, sprinting in from the horizon came Henry. Granted the game was 2 minutes old but he sprinted straight across the middle of the pitch to join his new manager. There was no sign of the Haribo infested night he had had the night before as he demonstrated the Cryuff turn to his manager who was trying to concentrate on the game but Henry was having none of it, “Damian, watch, I can do the Cryuff turn” over and over again, “watch Damian, watch me do the Cryuff turn!” There was only one thing for it, thought the manager, he was going to have to put him on so he could concentrate on the game. “I’ll bring Callum off and put Henry on”  thought the manager, “Callum, can you do a stint as sub please,” he said. “Callum? Callum?”. Where was Callum? He couldn’t be seen anywhere, he must have been hidden by the long grass!. He obviously heard the call though as he appeared in front of the manager from nowhere. On went Henry for his Guiseley Whites debut. There were huge cheers from the stands as he was sent on to sure up the Guiseley defence.

The boys were up against a Thackley Thunder team who had given them 2 very competitive games the previous season. As the game got into the first ten minutes it had all the makings of a classic. The players were up for it and you could feel the ripple of anticipation in the crowd, you could smell the burgers cooking in the burger vans and if you listened closely enough you could hear the St Mary’s School Treasurer laughing his head off as he counted the money he had saved by not forking out to get the pitch cut! (I have emailed in complaining about that by the way).

After a very even first 20 minutes the half time whistle was blown. We had seen some magnificant saves from Jacob in the Guiseley goal, flinging himself left, right and at one point, straight up. New signing Henry had impressed his new fan base with some no nonsense tackling and intimidation of the opposition. Sam B had produced some sublime skills including one double step over that nearly caused the referee to fall over much to the appreciation of the fans. Harry M was proving too quick for the Thackley defence with the only thing able to slow him down being the long grass. Sam M had picked out some lovely eye of the needle passes. Ollie had covered every blade of the ridiculously long grass and shown the type of determination needed in this tough game. Callum? Callum was somewhere in the grass, tackling the Thackley players in a stealth like manner, steeling possession and passing it to a team mate. Great work Skipper!

We saw much of the same in the second half and the manager was pleased with the boys at the final whistle. If the same attitude is shown for the rest of the season then we are in for a fun time!

Training tomorrow at 6pm as usual. Some work on defence I think.


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