Let’s keep Guiseley boy Seb smiling!

Let’s keep Guiseley boy Seb smiling!

Imagine a young boy of 11 whose smile could light up a room, whose manners define polite and who is so gentle he apologises after EVERY tackle he puts in on a football/rugby pitch.

Then imagine that boy four-and-a-half years through his leukaemia treatment after he fought it bravely and never compromised his personality.  What do you think he asked for for Christmas? Certainly not for it to return on Boxing Day.

This is what happened to Seb Murphy from Guiseley. Seb is now admitted to the Leeds General Infirmary for the early part of 2018. And you thought January was tough. In the latest blog from his parents, they said, “Seb had some more IV chemotherapy this afternoon. A drug called vincristine – he is having it weekly at the moment. Seb had a lot of vincristine first time around and sadly is still suffering from its side effects… namely irreparable nerve damage in his hands and feet, stiff and painful legs etc.

Last time in this initial phase of intensive treatment, the vincristine made Seb stop walking, which is quite common with young patients”.

Seb is 11.


You know, that age when what you wear and how you look starts to matter. He will lose his hair and his body will change. Let’s not forget he has been through this once already. Everything about this screams “not fair”.

So, what has this got to do with you?

Seb loves sport, he loves telly and he deserves some recognisable faces to make him smile. So, I know you are busy, but could you record a short video, introduce yourself and tell him you are behind him?

That’s it.  Simple as that.

The result?  You will #keepsebsmiling.

Please help us.  This little fighter needs you!!

Please send videos to ajdutton76@gmail.com


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