Kirkstall 1 – 3 Guiseley Yellow U12

Kirkstall 1 – 3 Guiseley Yellow U12



The final game of the season, Guiseley Yellow had the chance to finish 4th and make sure that we have taken points off every team in the league.

After the great mid week win 6-2 the boys seemed up for this last game.

Declan was still on form from his mid week hat trick and after 9 minutes and  a great ball from Jamie who, controlled the ball well, protected it with his body and found Declan with the pass, he opened the scoring for Guiseley with a nice right footed strike up and over the keeper.

Kirkstall then reminded us that they were the home team and were just as up for this game as us when they scored 1 minute later to make it 1-1.

Not to worry, Declan restored the lead on 2 minutes later this time with a sweet left footed strike.

There was a big battle in midfield for the ball, Kirkstall were very strong at times at the back, notably being first to the ball and they were excellent going down the right wing, attacking with pace and aggression. Thankfully, the back four of Robert, then Ethan, Matthew, Arjan and Sam were just as strong and full of determination to keep them out, which they did for they rest of the game.

Robert moving into midfield alongside Tom, Fred and Jamie added a bit of muscle and it wasn’t long before Robert won the ball, adjusted his feet well and put a lovely ball into Declan, who, on his left foot, just put the ball wide of the post.

I knew at this stage that if the wide players kept doing that, Fred and Tom kept winning the ball and the defense held strong, we would get more goals and win this game.

On 58 minutes Guiseley won a throw on the left up by the 18 yard box. Fred took a quick one to Tom, who had a shot which the keeper parried out and Declan was on hand to put the ball away to score a second hat trick in two games. I like the fact that despite getting that hat trick, Declan was quick to thank Tom and say “unlucky Tom, great shot though”. That’s a great attitude to have, something that the team have had in abundance lately.

So the game ended 3-1 to Guiseley Yellow, making them finish 4th in the table,  above Guiseley Blues who were a 2nd division team last season. This is a massive improvement for this group of players who finished 3rd from bottom and with 16 points last season. I personally think you can move on again next season, if you, the players want to.

I think it’s safe to say we have had a great season, we are now a team who work for each other, we’ve had a good attitude on the pitch with the oppistion, the officials and each other which should be noted. We’ve played teams who’ve had bad attitudes, swearing, fouling and generally bad sportsmanship, but you’ve never got involved. I’m very proud of that, well done.

We’ll still train on a Friday and I’ll be sorting out tournaments which will involve the new players.

Team: Luke, Robert, Matthew, Arjan, Sam, Ethan, Fred, Tom, Jamie, Josh, Jake, Finlay, Declan.

Goals: Declan (3)

Man of the Match: Declan.  21 goals this season, played in every single position on the field, without a word of complaint. I give you more grief than anyone on the pitch, because you are my Son and I feel I have to justify you being there each week, and throughout this season I think you have been brilliant, never given the coaches, players, or anyone any trouble. Your contribution to the team this season has been second to none. Well done.





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  1. Harry May 13, 2013 at 4:06 pm - Reply

    Arjan mentioned about taking points from every team this year which tells you if this group put its mind to it, they are a match for anyone! Can’t recall last year’s showing but to over double the number of points tally in one season is a MASSIVE achievement!! Many thanks to Mark and Bill for the time and effort they spend in making this happen. Onwards and upwards.

  2. Bill May 12, 2013 at 8:04 pm - Reply

    I’ve really enjoyed the season, first and foremost it’s about making sure the boys enjoy their football. I’d like to thank all the players for the effort they have all put in, both at training and at games.
    Chris mentions team spirit and we can be thankful this is something we have in abundance, the boys are willing to give everything for each other and the results speak for themselves. we have a lot of unsung heros in the team, boys who turn up put in a shift and work their socks off. We also have boys who turn up every week even though they might only get 20 mins on the pitch but they are as much a part of this team as anyone and they contribute hugely to the spirit and togetherness of the squad.

    Thanks to the parents who turn up and support the lads, it’s a huge commitment in terms of time, especially at weekends when we could be somewhere warm and dry!

    And thanks to Mark, a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and saves me from having to shout too much!

    Hopefully we can push on again next season, but we can’t take anything for granted as the teams we have played this year are all improving as well…. But on our day we can be a match for anyone!

    Well done lads a great season
    Won 12 drew 4 lost 6 I am very proud.

  3. Chris May 12, 2013 at 6:45 pm - Reply

    View from the (damp) East Stand

    Well, it felt like a half marathon just getting to the ground today! And much credit to the Kirkstall manager for allowing a delay for those stuck in traffic or walking from the other side of the ring road to the pitches.

    Today was another very good performance from all the boys, and Declan once again proving himself the goal machine we’ve needed this season. The supply today was terrific, and all the boys have got better and better all season. The team spirit is the biggest development this year.

    Mark and Bill, thank you for the belief, the patience and the time you have spent this year developing this team, and I cannot wait for next season to kick off.

    As a final comment, our opposition today, Kirkstall have a good, honest and polite set of boys and girls. Best wishes to the Kirkstall player, injured for today’s game, but who demonstrated in the earlier game this season he is undoubtedly the most talented player we’ve played against, and I wish him well in his recovery from injury.

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