Horsforth vs Dragons

Horsforth vs Dragons

Winter is coming…. (for the GoT enthusiasts), today it felt like it had arrived.

Long grass a big slope and a mysterious wind that only started blowing in the second half into our faces.

Prematch we had been chatting about possession play and having the confidence to try to beat opponents.

We set up with a sweeper (Poppy), Lilly and Bea as making defenders, a midfield of Elle, Evie and Izzy with Maya in the number 10 position and Niamh up front.

From the start the game was evenly matched and with neither team having a substitute it was compelling stuff.

Poppy playing for the first time as a sweeper played really well. She held her position well and made a lot of timely interventions. When receiving the ball she was good at keeping the ball and picking out passes even under pressure.

Bea again played really well. She like Lilly was man marking Horsforth attackers. They both made lots of tackles. Horsforth played a very aggressive line and in the first 15 minutes seemed to be able to swamp our valiant defenders.

Horsforth’s attacking meant our midfield unit and attackers were allowed space in the first half to really push hard for a goal. Evie was amazing at travelling with the ball, Izzy was inspirational and Elle ran and ran picking up good ball and making passes. These with Maya and Niamh meant we had numerous shots and pressure but despite it all we just couldn’t get the ball across the line. Then against the run of play Horsforth snuck a goal in off the post.

The second half was hard work with the wind in our face and going up the slope. The girls were excellent in their attitude and effort. With the conditions against us we conceded more goals. We also made plenty of opportunities to score but it really wasn’t our day.

Erica volunteered as our goalkeeper today. It’s great she has stepped up for the team. Both Claire and I think she was superb. She made a number of really good saves. Best of all was her distribution from the back. Her decision making was spot on. Well done! (I haven’t given up on you as an outfield player so we will see how things progress!)

Evie is a joy to watch. She runs with energy, dribbling the ball at speed. We saw a couple of good tricks today. You were nearly on the scoresheet; it is only a matter of time before you are. You are a real asset to the team.

Lilly should be proud of her performance today – she stuck to her task ably and was a match for the Horsforth forwards.

Maya again carried the ball well today. I don’t think the longer grass helped any of our team today but especially for Maya whose strength is her skills it blunted one of our dangerous weapons. She never gave up and carried on trying even after a couple of blows from our opponents. That you carried on dribbling and foxing Horsforth with turns says a lot about your endurance. Great stuff.

Niamh like everyone tried hard today. She did a lot of running and again it was a nearly day in terms of goals. I liked it when you pushed the ball in front of you into space to help with carrying the ball forward at speed. You held the ball well and looked up for your teammates.

Izzy was voted their player of the week. Her sheer industry and dribbling was excellent. I think I saw a header as well?

Bea moved into midfield for the last 5 minutes which capped a good performance. You looked to play the ball out with passes and you are focused on the tasks in front of you.

Elle swapped with Bea into defence for the last 5 mins after looking completely exhausted as she had given her all. Her excitement pre-match that we had no subs so she could play the whole game was marvellous. She put in a great shift today and is continuing to develop her football skills.

As a team you played really well today and on another day the result would have been very different.

Thanks to all the parents braving the cold and supporting the kids with such enthusiasm – the welcome you gave them after the match had finished was just superb!

See you Friday for training.




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