Guiseley Whites U10 Information – Sept 2013

Guiseley Whites U10 Information – Sept 2013

Please find below relevant information for season 2013/2014. 

  1. Subscriptions
    1. These are £105.00 and cheques need to be made payable to Guiseley Juniors Football Club and returned with the Registration Form no later than the 24th September 2012.  No child is eligible to train or play without payment (club rules) and the £105.00 is officially paid to allow a child to train with the club as noted on the form distributed.  Please note the kit remains the property of Guiseley should you leave the club.
  2. Training
    1. Takes place at St Marys, Menston 6pm until 7pm every Tuesday of school term. 
  3. Matches
    1. Home Games will be played at Westfield Junior School any time between 9am and 12pm KO on a Sunday morning – with occasional Saturday games a possibility.  Please arrive at least 20mins in advance of kick off time or ideally earlier to help set up the goals/Respect barrier.
    2. We are in the Harrogate and District Junior League this season in a ‘dual league’ format with the Blue U10 team.  What this means is that we play x2 games each week as do the Blues with both us and the Blues playing the two teams that make up the opposition in 30 minute games – i.e. the boys play for a minimum 1 hour in games.
    3. Due to an uneven number of teams there are several no game weekends.
    4. Away games will be Sunday mornings but timings are not released usually until the week leading up to the game.
    5. Fixtures have been posted on the Guiseley website (U10 Whites) – please let me know any games you are not able to play in.
    6. As previous seasons we will only take 9 to any game – thus 2 substitutes and a rota/rested policy could exist as per previous years meaning all players could miss some games should we accept more players into our squad.
    7. All players taken to a game will play at least some part of the game in positions selected by the Coaches in the overall interests of the team.  In some games we may decide to only make substitutions at half time but all players taken to a game will play at least 25% of a game (injuries accepted of course) in line with the club constitution.  However, where possible the current policy of all outfield players playing the same number of minutes will be continued.
    8. Any ‘rested’ players will be selected on a mixture of a rota basis and training attendance as such if you already know you will be away certain weeks please let the Coaches know and that week will be used as the ‘rested’ week to allow everyone else to play.
    9. Please ensure if your child is not among the ‘rested’ players that you turn up to the game as failure to play costs the club money under the League rules.
    10. Please note we may accept some new boys into the squad over the course of the season with the above detail applying to them also – unless taken on as Trainees only.
  4. Referees/Support
    1. We need volunteers to referee our Home games as without support the games will be forfeited. 
    2. The nets and Respect Barrier need erecting and taking down each home game so support in performing these tasks is required.
  5. Communication
    1. The website – Guiseley Whites U10s will be the MASTER for information – except in the event of late game cancellation.  This will be by TEXT so please ensure all mobile phone numbers are given to the Coaches and updated should you change phones.
    2. Issues – if you do have any issues please don’t hesitate in raising them.  Remember, Matthew – Head Coach, the referees, the Manager and any other coaches are volunteers, pay the same as everyone else and will always work in the best interests of all the children.
  6. FA Respect Barrier
    1. Mini soccer football should be fun for all the children and whilst some will take it more seriously than others let’s not forget the fun factor.  Encouragement is welcome but please remember your child may have been given a specific role in a game so please leave the coaching to the Coaches.
  7. Results
    1. In line with the forthcoming mandatory  FA ‘friendly status’ for all teams under the age of 13, this season is deemed to be Friendlies only.  Some leagues are running league tables at our age group but the Harrogate has adopted future FA mandatory recommendations a season early.

 Many thanks 

Martin 07976 833394, Matthew 07973 321910

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