Guiseley U15s v Wetherby – 18 November 2012

Guiseley U15s v Wetherby – 18 November 2012

There has always been a bit of heated rivalry whenever Guiseley and Wetherby get together and this game was no different from the last.  Both sides very feisty with each other and lots of challenges from both sides but it only took 9 minutes before Guiseley after a beautiful cross by Tom Smith gave Oliver Hulme the ideal opportunity to put the ball in the back of the net to take Guiseley into the lead.  3 minutes later Guiseley were back in the Wetheby half and after the ball hit the crossbar by Tom Smith, followed by a header from Adam Hartley to Oliver Hulme who also hit the crossbar but 4th times a charm, Harry Naylor headed it beautifully in the back of the net finally we were 2-0 up.  But Wetherby being Wetherby they didn’t give up and minutes later brought the score to 2-1.  Guiseley had several chances with misses by both Tom Smith and Oliver Hulme.  31 minutes into the 1st half saw goal number three for Guiseley a great pass by Joe Gotts and another great header by Harry Naylor (if Harry didn’t head so many balls he would probably be 6 ft).  Credit to Wetherby Goal-keeper he did some fantastic saves denying Guiseley any further goals in the first half.  Half time score 3-1.

Second half commenced and I feel that frustration was getting the better of the Wetherby team as 15 minutes in Sam Beesting was quite aggressively taken down in the penalty box giving Guiseley the opportunity of yet another goal but it was not to be unfortunately it was kicked straight to the Wetherby keeper.

Tension was high and frustrations were increasing which was evident when a very dangerous challenge by a Wetherby player saw the referee pull him to one side and display a red card for a challenge that made no attempt on the ball.

This was pretty much how the rest of the game panned out lots of physical football but with minutes to go George Kear managed a cheeky goal bringing the final score to 4-1.

The game was interesting but I have to say the away supporters behaviour was a bit of a let down and I think we all must remember RESPECT for the game, the players and officials!!!

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