Guiseley 3-4 Pontefract St. Joseph

Guiseley 3-4 Pontefract St. Joseph

A difficult game on a blustery day.

Pontefract scored early on in the  game but Guiseley came back quickly with a cross by Saul and a great strike by Jack Hammer.

By half time Pontefract were 3-1 up.

The supporters had high hopes for the second half  as the wind was now behind us. Guiseley definately had more chances but non were converted. Pontefract got a 4th and with only 10 minutes to go, it looked like game over.

Guiseley players suddenly seemed to come to life and  two scrappy goals, by Lewis and Ben, made it a tense last few minutes for Ponteract.

Unfortunately for Guiseley they held on for a win – final score 3-4 to Pontefract St. Joseph.



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