Cup vs rothwell

Cup vs rothwell

A cup tie game tie against a very good team in our league was what Dragons faced last Saturday. Adding to this we knew we would have to play our best to have a chance with only 8 players. Not a great start when the coaches car breaks down 3 miles away and we trundle into county FA at 10 miles an hour…. amazing we were not late!!!

In our team talk we discussed getting organised quickly for set pieces and our positions off the ball, If we were to have any chance we would need to keep our focus and concentration and be one step ahead.

From the whistle the girls had a bit between their teeth. Isabelle drove past their entire team hit a shot which was saved by the keeper but Niamh as always was there in support to finish off what must be the fastest goal of the season… Rothwell were VERY surprised and I think then realised we were not turning up to be walked over….

The quality of the football we played as at times exceptional. It’s clear that playing on a 3g surface not battling with thick mud and uneven ground allows the girls to
show their skills and demonstrate their quality on the ball.

Our defence were awesome. Lily, Bea and Rebecca were mopping everything up, keeping the ball, picking quality passes and working very hard.
Izzy, Maya and Ellie were tracking back to help out and working so hard. Rothwell did equalise 10 minutes later which was no surprise as they were obviously overloaded on us at times but another very determined looking Isabelle again set off and pinched us another.

Erica in goal made some very important saves!!

Just before half time Rothwell equalised again. Half time 2-2

Our goal keeper changed for the second half. Thanks Maya and Izzy for taking a turn of 15 minutes each.
We continued to play quality football in the second half.

10 minutes before the end Rothwell pressed high, stole the ball and scored…

Yes we lost 3-2 and it could have easily have been a different outcome but we all felt like in some ways we had won…

Erica- Made important first half saves and making sure her fresh legs covered ground in the second half making it difficult for Rothwell to play out from the back. Brilliant!

Niamh- Her reading of the game is fantastic. She’s one step ahead all the time with her positioning on and off the ball… Love it!!! Great goal!!!!

Maya- Fantastic quality on the ball. Safe hands in goal. Gosh she did work hard!! Awesome!!!!!

Ellie- Workhorse for the team. Never gives up! Her ball control is improving all the time and she made some very important tackles! What an energiser this girl is!

Isabelle – Played hard, worked hard. Demonstrated amazing driving runs.. Safe hands in goal. Wow!

Rebecca- I don’t think at times realises how much quality she possesses. She is using her body shape brilliantly to protect the ball which buys her time to make intelligent decisions. Great tackles, didn’t switch off and her decisions let us keep the ball!! Brilliant!

Bea- This is the masterclass of protecting the ball. A great reader of the game. Worked so hard!!! Super!!

Lily- Awesome decision making! Blossoming in confidence!! Mopped up nearly everything and confidently picking out some brilliant passes out of defence. Brilliant!!

As a team we worked, we organised, we demonstrated resilience, supported each other and played great football. Awesome stuff girls!!!

Coach Claire

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