Website ‘Best Practice’ guidelines for site content

Website ‘Best Practice’ guidelines for site content2018-04-12T16:56:30+01:00

As manager, you are requested (urged) to add regular, relevant content to your team pages. This is vital to the advancement of our new website both as a tool for players, parents and opposition teams AND potential site sponsors as a means of creating revenue for the club.

All content added to our website will be checked and moderated regularly to ensure you as a coach/manager and GJFC as a club is adhering to the guidelines.

It is against FA rules to post comments that are or maybe conceived as;

  • Offensive
  • Insulting
  • Abusive
  • Threatening
  • Racist
  • Discriminatory
  • Any other reference that may cause offensive or harm to others

You are responsible for your teams content, please ensure it is good content!


In order to follow current FA guidelines, as a club we have to adhere to the following Website Best Practice guidelines:


Quick Reference Dos and Dont’s


  • appoint an appropriate adult(s) to monitor the content of the website
  • make sure everyone within your club knows who is responsible for monitoring the content of the club website and social networking areas and how to contact them > Contact our Club Welfare Officer here
  • apply the principles given within The FA’s photography guidelines; Celebrating Football Thorough Photographs and Video
  • remember that the club is responsible for all content contained within our website, forums, blogs, tweets or social networking areas maintained by the club
  • regularly monitor the content of the above and use The FA’s Respect Codes of Conduct as a guide to acceptable behaviours both on and off field including behaviour online.


  • host children’s or young people’s details where they can be seen or used by others to contact them. Any details hosted should only be done with written parental/carer consent
  • place pictures of individuals on WebPages without the express permission of parents/carers
  • post irrelevant detail of individuals which may lead them to be identified e.g. school class/year, player profiles detailing personal information e.g. favourite foods, movies, teams etc
  • with regard to U8 matches – please remember there should be no information published that reveal the result to the reader


Other useful links that we advise you read: