Guiseley Juniors is a pretty big organisation, in terms of grass roots football it’s the largest in the UK, and this takes a lot of time and different skills from unpaid men and women to run smoothly.

These people are all volunteers; coaches, linesmen, secretary, committee members, managers, accountants, social secretaries (yes, we have one of those!), press officer, health and safety officer, chairman….

I could go on.

The point being. The club needs volunteers. You’d be surprised what skills would benefit GJFC as a club. You’d perhaps not be surprised how much difference you could make to the boys and girls teams of Guiseley Juniors. It doesn’t take much to make a difference; a hand in the air, a bit of get up and go and just a phone call to the club to offer your services.

  • What could you offer?
  • Administration for a team
  • Can you coach?
  • Could you help fundraise?
  • Would you make a good team sponsor?
  • Perhaps you work in an industry that would benefit a community football club?

Fancy it?

Get in touch today and make that difference. You’ll make a lot of young people happy.

Speak to Chris Spargo on 07917 883303 or contact him via the form below.


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