Health and Safety

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This section covers the host of Health and Safety guidelines that are used to protect our players here at Guiseley Juniors.

We have more than 500 players that we are responsible for and our guidelines for coaches are both thorough and wholly implemented. If you become aware these guidelines not being followed correctly, please let us know – your children come first and are our primary concern, above and beyond the game itself.

This FA Emergency Aid Bridging Document has been created for the pitchside first aider who has undertaken a generic first aid course where some of the elements that are specific to the football environment (which are contained within The FA Emergency Aid course) have perhaps not been addressed. These elements being treatment of asthma and concussion in a football environment and emergency action planning for football.

Should you find yourself in need of reporting an accident please use the Accident Record.

If one of your players suffers a head injury of any kind, you must advise their parents by using the 2018/19 Head Injury Form here.

The following guidelines should be carried out by all Managers and coaches > Health and Safety Policy.

Public Liability Cover – Is  Mandatory as part of our affiliation to West Riding County FA.

All members opt into the mandatory COUNTY COVER scheme at point of affiliation. The mandatory scheme provides Public Liability Insurance. A club / league can be held legally liable if it is proven that it was negligent or failed to take ‘reasonable care’ to prevent injury to a member of the Public or members of the club/league or damage to third party property. Public Liability Insurance is designed to pay compensation and legal costs that arise if the club / league or any of its members are found to be at fault. This cover is not to be confused with Personal Accident Insurance.

Personal Accident cover is also mandatory via the WCFCA Affiliation.

All affiliated clubs will be provided with a cover note detailing the elements of the scheme and will have access to on online support page linked directly to the Sportsguard Insurers.  Any questions concerning insurance should be directed to the GJFC Club Secretary.

In case of medical emergency, you should be prepared, in advance, by having a thorough understanding of your

(a) Emergency Medical Action Plan Overview
(b) Individual Action Plan