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Coaching isn’t a one-stop-shop. Level 1 and you’re done.

Just as our kids strive for more, we should all strive for more too.

Resting on our laurels, winning be any means, thinking winning is ENOUGH. Playing to win above developing the player – all these things should be well out of reach of our thinking. These children look to us for improvement, if we don’t improve with them, ahead of them, we are simply letting them down and not allowing the to achieve the single greatest thing I believe they should be aiming for…

To be the absolute best they can be.

Your football club shouldn’t just be a place with a bunch of teams and a few parents/coaches who have decided to just come along and give coaching a go. It should be a club that has a vision, a philosophy, values and a clear way of doing things. Your players need to develop an understanding that at this club ‘we do things differently’. In order for this to work every member of the football team needs to understand and abide by your clubs philosophy. This is very important because if one member decides to use their own approach which deters away from the club culture, it could derail everything that the club has worked on.

Your players and coaches should develop an understanding that at this club winning isn’t the most important thing, winning with a certain style is more important. The development of players is the most important thing, and every player and coach needs to understand these club values.

The main aim is to produce skilful, creative and innovative players in order for this to happen you will need coaches who are innovative enough to produce those players.

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