Calverley ‘B’ v Guiseley Greens Sunday 14th October

Calverley ‘B’ v Guiseley Greens Sunday 14th October

Sunday again brought the novelty of some sunny weather to West Yorkshire where Guiseley Greens made the short trip over the valley to Calverley. After last weeks performance in the words of Alan Pardew coach Neil asked his boys to give it 4,200% 🙂
The game was split into  4 ten minute quarters, which to be honest, is the preferred format in a game that requires the necessary substitutions to play the whole team. Unfortunately we were a man down with Louis struck down by a mystery bug. First up was Daniel, Callum, Owen, Ray and Keeper Mathew. Ben and Jack were on the bench.

Guiseley  made a strong start with Callum bagging a couple of early goals, and star defender Daniel keeping things tight at the back along with Callum. Keeper Matthew has quickly started to improve in goal, which proved an asset we really needed in this area.
The conditions of the pitch were tough as the undulating nature and heavy going would play its own part in the game?
Calverley came back later in the first half with Brown taking  the ball past two players before hammering it past the keeper.

Second half and Ben and jack came on for Ray and Owen. A bit of a slow half with no goals, Guiseley being a bit light on passing the ball around?

Third quarter and Daniel and Callum were off for a well earned rest and Ray and Owen were on with Ben and Jack.
Calverley came back at Guiseley and equalised to add some unwanted  pressure. Ben managed to grab a cheeky goal which then put the pressure back on Calverley, against the run of play. Jack, Owen and Ray were gaining in confidence now and showing an improvement  on the start of the season.

Quarter four and all to play for, Guiseley were looking to seal Calverley’s fate although Calverley had different ideas.
I sensed the heavy going and hard work put in by Ben in the third quarter had taken its toll as he looked to have lost some of his pace. Luckily the rest had been good for Daniel and Callum who continued with their hard work  in defense.
The hard work paid off with a final goal for Callum with a bit of a stealth shot that caught the Calverly keeper off-guard.

All in all a better performance from Guiseley, with all players deserving praise. Matthew making a couple of great saves that made a difference to the final score, well done Mathew.
Calverley ‘B’ put in a good performance, which proved a worthy test for our boys.

Man of the match was Daniel, well done!

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