Calverley ‘A’ vs Under 7 Blues – 14 October 2012

Calverley ‘A’ vs Under 7 Blues – 14 October 2012

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An early morning trip to play Calverley A’s has proved to be the toughest match of the season so far and the boys should be proud to come away having maintained their unbeaten start to the season.

The defence and keepers performed superbly to fend off the Calverley attack and keep another clean sheet.  The goalies for the day, Sam, Ben and Charlie tracked the game well and got themselves into the ideal position, stopping every Calverley shot on goal.  Fantastic effort by all three keepers and the distribution and use of the area was much improved.  James had more work to do this week, he stayed focused and hampered countless Calverley attacks, getting himself into position and closing down the play brilliantly.

Harry just can’t stop scoring, slotting two great goals past the Calverley keeper.  He is starting to get himself into good positions and looking to pass the ball.  Mason is a solid player in the midfield and can fit into any position asked and is starting to play himself into goal scoring positions, he just needs to take more shots and the goals will surely start notching up.

Charlie is proving to be the workhorse of the team and is always involved with every move forward and passes the ball skilfully and accurately to the forwards and was always in control of the Calverley midfield.  A save reminiscent of Gordon Banks only added to Charlie’s fantastic contribution in the match.  Samuel and Sam were both worked hard by the Calverley defence, Sam had some good runs down the wings and Samuel was getting into good positions and just missed out on scoring this week.

Special mention this week goes to Ben for a fantastic first half in the goal and him topping this effort with a spectacular shot to beat the Calverley defence and goalie.  Two goals in two weeks is the start of a run the crowd will hope to see continue.  Ben was deservedly awarded the Manager’s Performance of the Week for his match day performance but also because he always listens, concentrates and happily takes his turn in goal.

The undulating pitch and refereeing didn’t always go Guiseley’s way so full credit to the boys for ignoring these and delivering a superb performance.

Another fine managerial performance from Ian and Craig provided the right level of encouragement just at the right time (pity the ref didn’t always see it that way Ian).  Craig’s nurturing quote of the day “go see your mum” follows last week’s quote “who tied your laces, your mum?”

Looking forward to seeing our boys doing the Guard of Honour next week at Guiseley AFC and cannot wait for the next match against Leeds Maccabi Raiders.



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