Burley Tournament 12 May – Meeting point

Burley Tournament 12 May – Meeting point

Guys (and girls)

If you don’t know where the ground is at Burley (Postcode is LS29 7DJ) and prefer to meet up, I will be at Guiseley Whetherby Whaler on Sunday morning at 08:30 am.

We need to register by 9am.

Some quick rules for the tournament:

  1. All games will be 5 minutes each way.
  2. Both team managers are responsible for reporting the result of each game to the score-keeper as soon as possible after the full time whistle.
  3. The passback rule does not apply.
  4. Players should retreat 5 yards from free kicks.
  5. A goal cannot be scored direct from a kick off.
  6. Offside rule will not apply.
  7. When the goalkeeper is in control of the ball with his/her hands then he/she must return the ball into play by a throw.
  8. Each team shall consist of a maximum of 5 players and 2 substitutes. With the referees permission a substitution may be made at any time in the game. A substituted player may not return to the field of play.

Thanks, Andy

Here’s a map, in case you want to meet there. If you are going stright there, please let me know below (or by text). Thanks.



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I'm a coach of 7 years with FA Level 1, FA Youth Mod 1, FA Youth Mod 2 and Futsal Level 1 badges. My son plays in my team and has just switched from central midfielder to goalkeeper, which he's loving.

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