Beeston 3 – 2 Guiseley Yellow

Beeston 3 – 2 Guiseley Yellow

A very disappointing day today, not the result, but the way we played.

Let us be fair to Beeston, they wanted it more, first to the ball, more determination, and thoroughly deserved their win.

Guiseley started well with good pressure but no real chances, and Beeston broke through and scored on 11 minutes.

We were all over the place today, no real team play, we couldn’t keep the ball for more than three passes.

Half time team talk seemed to do the trick when Stephen scored a nice goal, slotting home with ease and coolness on 31 minutes.

Unfortunately, Beeston scored two more before Alex scored from distance with the ball somehow scrambling over the line and fooling the keeper on 59 minutes. But it was too little too late from Guiseley.

When I see this team at training, the commitment, energy, toughness and more, it’s great….  but, it was not what I saw today.

In fairness we were 4 players short including our great goalkeeper, but you looked lost out there today.

When we train, Bill and I can stop the session, ask questions as to the why, what, where, when etc   you do what you do, but on a Sunday YOU have to make those choices, as a team not as individuals.

That is something I need to see more of, someone, (could that be you)? stepping up and changing things on the pitch when it’s not going right.

Let’s not forget this bad day, but use it for our next game, lose as a TEAM, draw as a TEAM and WIN as a TEAM. That’s including myself.

Bad points today: Second to the ball, when we won the ball we didin’t know what to do, not enough challenges, panicked in the final third rather than laying a simple ball. Couldn’t keep the ball. Far too much booting the ball in any direction with no thought who it was going to.

Good points: some good swift movement, Stephen, Jamie and Declan. Tom and Fred, good link up play. But only a couple of times in the whole game.

Team: Ethan, Sam, Josh, Matthew, Alex, Jake, Fred, Jamie, Declan, Tom, Finlay, Stephen.

Goals: Stephen, Alex

Man of the Match: Stephen. Great goal, dropped back to help out, good early ball to create chance for Declan, (noted).

I’m asking you for a TEAM response next week please.

Training on Monday 7-8 and Friday 7-8 St Mary’s.

Thanks to Ethan and Sam for going in goal today, none of the goals were your fault guys.

Thank you Carl who ran the line……AGAIN!

Thanks to Andy (Alex’s Dad) for supplying the drinks…..and bagels!!



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