2014 GJFC Awards Night – 6th June

2014 GJFC Awards Night – 6th June


The 2014 GJFC Awards Night will take place at Yeadon Town Hall as in previous years.

We followed on up to the Cricket Club for a few after awards-party drinks.

A few notes from the Club Secretary:

As discussed at last week’s meeting, with the exception of the U6 squad, all other teams will have their awards issued on a individual basis.

  • ALL Managers must ensure their team speeches are kept to a maximum of two minutes
  • ALL Manager/Coaches must sit with their team and ensure that the Rules relating to etiquette are followed (detailed on attached sheet) 
  • Everyone must enter and exit the Town Hall as detailed on the attached sheets and NOT via the external Escape Staircase
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As last year, there will be 2 sessions:
Under 6 – 10s starting at 6pm
Under 11 – 18s starting at 8pm



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[accordion title=”Timings”]

5.00 Prompt meet rear entrance
(Managers to bring League/Cup Awards early for set-up)

1st Session    
5.45 for Prompt Start @ 6.00

2nd Session   
7.45 for Prompt Start @ 8.00

Main Evening Close    
(anticipated) 9.45

Managers to clear up     
9.45 to 10.00

Yeadon, Cricket Club        
Open for drinks 7.30 onwards

[accordion title=”Format”]

CS – Open –  H & S Procedures (both Sessions)
CS – Welcome &Guiseley Juniors “Club Overview” (both Sessions)
CS/IS – Guiseley Juniors “Special” Awards (both sessions)  [/accordion]

[accordion title=”General Team Awards”]


1st  Session

U10 Boys White (M Hawkins)
U10 Boys Blue (I Elsworth)
U10 Boys Yellow (C Jackson)
U10 Girls (R Germaine)
U9 Boys White (D Holmes)
U9 Boys Blue (N Hudson)
U9 Boys Yellow (S De Lima)
U9 Girls (M Swann)
U8 Boys White (W Rowe)
U8 Boys Blue (I Hayfield)
U8 Boys Yellow (A Driver)
U8 Boys Green (N Settle)
U8 Boys Orange (J Robb)
U8 Girls (D Stringer)
U7 Boys White (Gary Machell)
U7 Boys Blue (J-P Bednarak)
U7 Boys Yellow (D Heeney)
U7 Boys Green (G Brookfield)
U6 Boys (ALL)

1st Session Raffle


2nd Session

U18 Boys White (P Stamp)
U15 Girls (T Postlethwaite)
U16 Boys White (P Kear)
U13 Girls Blue (J Brady)
U15 Boys Blue (B Hudson)
U13 Girls Yellow (S Hardy)
U14 Boys Blue (G Procteo)
U12 Girls Blue (D Stringer)
U13 Boys White (M Griffin)
U13 Boys Yellow (M Folan)
U12 Girls Yellow (K Chapman)
U12 Boys White(C Spargo)
U12 Boys Blue (P Atkinson)
U12 Boys Yellow (D Collyer)
U12 Boys Green (L Rhodes)
U11 Girls Blue (J Todd)
U11 Boys White (P Clarkson)
U11 Boys Blue (C Larner)
U11 Boys Yellow (C Hoos)
U11 Girls Yellow (E Pearson)

2nd Session Raffle & Close

[accordion title=”Health and Safety”]

Entry & Exit

  • Entry via Left Hand staircase for both sessions
  • People for the 2nd session should not arrive before 7.30 and NOT enter the Town Hall until everyone has exited the 1st Session at approximately 7.45 (Purchasing Raffle Tickets on the entry)
  • First Session Exit via Right Hand staircase
  • Exit for second session via both staircases

Stage Stairs

  • As in previous years entry to the Stage is for Managers, Officials ONLY and players when collecting awards.
  • When Players enter and exit the stage they will do so via a pair of temporary stairs with no hand rails. It is therefore essential that we have a minimum of two Managers, officials or helpers located at each staircase to help usher the player onto and off the stage, with their awards.

Seating Arrangements

  • Parents and guests should sit in the middle area of the hall leaving the sides for the players.
  • Teams should sit in their teams, with their Managers / Coaches in the areas as shown on seating layout.


  • Every Member will be expected to purchase a minimum of one ticket on entry. At the end of each session there will be a draw with one price (All funds go towards the hire of the Town Hall).
  • The ticket holder will have to be in attendance to collect the prize, or another ticket will be drawn and so on until there is a winner.


  • All Teams Attendance – It is expected that all squads will be in attendance, to collect their awards.
  • Session Retention – This year we have again split the evening into two sessions which will hopefully keep the sessions to a maximum of 1 ¾ Hours. It is therefore expected that everyone will stay for the full duration of their session and support the other players receiving their awards and not leave after they have collected their own award.
  • Orderly Conduct – Although we appreciate the players will be excited, it would be hoped that managers and parents would ensure that their children are well behaved and listen to ALL the Managers “overview” speeches and applaud ALL teams appropriately.
  • Managers & Coaches are expected to sit with their squad and ensure that they behave appropriately.
  • Talking over speeches, booing and jeering of other teams should not allowed.



Managers – please check/download the seating diagram14.05.29A_Presentation Night Seating Layout < so you know where your age group/team will be seated in your session.


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