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GJFC Membership Fees – 2017-18 Season

GJFC Membership Fees – 2017-18 Season


Great news for 2017/18 everyone, you can now pay your membership fees online by PayPal (account if you have one) or Debit Card (through PayPal) if you don’t.

There is a small (PayPal) surcharge for this, but we hope you will appreciate this system saves us all a lot of time in the long run and it is a small price to pay for moving the club forward.

If you prefer to pay by BACS, there is an option for this also. Our preferred method is by Debit/Credit Card via the system.


First Name *

Surname *

Player’s FAN Number

Parent’s Email Address *

Telephone Number *

Age Group *

Date of Birth *

Team Name *

Team Manager’s Name

Address *

Postcode *

Emergency Contact Name & Number (1) *

Emergency Contact Name & Number (2) *

Educational Details *

Please provide: School name, School Address, School Telephone, Head Teacher, PE Teacher and Current School Year

Relevant Medical Details

Please advise if you have any medical conditions we should be aware of (eg. Asthma)

Parental Authorisation *

By selecting this box you are providing consent for your son/daughter to become a member of Guiseley Juniors Football Club.

Registered with another club?

Tick if applicable. Please note that the Club needs to seek FA approval for any player over the age of 10 who is seeking to register for a club. See below for full details.



By signing this form:

  • If my son / daughter is injured whilst playing football / travelling to and from football events and I cannot be contacted, I hereby give my consent for my child to receive medical attention
  • I consent to the Club registering my son/daughter as a member of Guiseley Junior FC and registering them with relevant leagues and The FA
  • I understand that by way of Club Membership my son/daughter is not automatically entitled to play in any competitive football as entered by the Club. Team selection is by the Team Manager only and his decision is FINAL
  • I agree to observe Club rules & policies (including fines) and that of The F.A. and County F.A. and all Competitions in which the Club participates
  • I agree that I will not at any time leave my child unattended and if I nominate an appropriate adult this will be advised to the team manager
  • I confirm I have settled all financial liabilities with any other Club, League and, or The FA (including return of kit or equipment)
  • I agree and consent to all sections of the guidance notes appended to this application form


Please tick the box (above) if you DO NOT wish your child’s photo be published on the club’s website. NB: If you have ticked this box because the child is a Ward of Court or other legal restriction please inform the Club Welfare Officer so additional safeguarding policies can be implemented.


Please note that the Club needs to seek FA approval for any player over the age of 10 who is seeking to register for a club in England and who has previously been registered for a club abroad (including the other Home Associations), or who is a foreign national seeking to register for the first time in this country. Please tick the box (above) if this DOES apply.

Read further information regarding our club philosophy or if you are new and would like to join a team.